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At My Wits’ End

Belgian Wheat Ale • 5.5% ABV • IBU

Belgian Wheat Ale, a refreshing fruity and phenolic beer with orange and banana flavors.

A Blonde Moment

American Blond Ale • 4.25% ABV • IBU

A light bodied ale with subtle Centennial hop character.

Luck of the Draw- Blackberry

Sour Beer • 4.2% ABV • IBU

Blackberry sour, not too tart but not too sweet.

Dark Matters

Imperial Stout • 9.9% ABV • IBU

A full bodied, slightly sweet, imperial stout. This beer is full of roasted barley and chocolate malts. This beer is deceptively strong and does contain lactose.


• 6.0 ABV • IBU

Modern – style Golden Festbier Lager, Pilsen and Munich malts, Hallertau hops, a malty beer with subtle hop aroma.

Luck of the Draw- Raspberry Key Lime

• 4.25% ABV • IBU

Raspberry Key Lime sour beer, a tart and refreshing beer, raspberry forward with hints of key lime.

Ginger Mule

• 4.25% ABV • IBU

A delicious refreshing ginger, lime and honey sour, with a crisp dry finish.

Soup Du Jour

• 6 ABV • 42 IBU

“Mmm that sounds good…I’ll have that”

A juicy hazy hop forward New England style IPA.

Now on Tap!

“The Mills” Pils

Pilsner - Czech • 5% ABV • 24 IBU

Classic Czech Pilsner, brewed with domestic Pilsen malt and Michigan grown Sass hops, it is a light and crisp lager. Available on draft and in cans.

Felton’s Fancy

IPA - Imperial • 7.7 ABV • 54 IBU

New England style double IPA, hazy and hoppy with a smooth, soft mouthfeel and tropical fruit notes. Available on draft and in cans.